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Nippon Paper Group is committed to contributing to the development of a recycling-based society. In alignment with this commitment, Opal produces a wide range of recycled products for the Australian and New Zealand markets from our Botany and Maryvale operations. These operations recycle around 530,000 tonnes of used cardboard and wastepaper per annum; diverting waste from Australian landfill and contributing to the circular economy.

Recycling at the Botany Mill

The state of the art B9 Paper Machine at Botany Mill in Sydney converts more than 450,000 tonnes of used cardboard into 100% recycled brown packaging paper each year. The majority of this paper is then converted by Opal Fibre Packaging in Australia and Opal Kiwi Packaging in New Zealand into corrugated 100% recycled packaging board for box manufacture. Botany’s recycled paper products are renowned for their uniformity, consistency and high performance which translates to high stacking strength and containment in the final corrugated box. The focus on uniformity through the process delivers a clean, smooth container with outstanding print quality and consistent performance.

Recycling at Maryvale Mill

Opal Australian Paper’s Maryvale Mill operates an advanced de-inking and recycling facility which creates premium 100% recycled copy paper from shredded office waste paper. The facility annually recycles close to 60,000 tonnes of white wastepaper for products including Reflex 100% Recycled, Australian 100% Recycled and Planet Ark Mindful Paper. Maryvale also operates a brown waste plant processing around 20,000 tonnes of used cardboard annually. This recycled pulp is used as a base layer in linerboard production, creating a higher absorption rate for improved conversion results in box production.

Make It Australian Recycled

To help businesses, government departments, schools and households make the switch to Australian recycled paper, Planet Ark has teamed up with Opal to form the Make it Australian Recycled campaign. The Make It Australian Recycled campaign aims to show the importance of closing the paper recycling loop by buying Australian made recycled paper, encourage recycling of office paper and reduce the amount of wastepaper going to Australian landfill.