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Wood Supply

Opal Australian Paper is committed to purchasing wood from responsibly managed sources. We source 100% of our wood from Victorian suppliers. We are Chain of Custody certified to both FSC® and Responsible Wood (globally endorsed by the PEFC™) and require our major suppliers to be certified to either of these systems.

Plantation wood

The majority of Opal Australian Paper's plantation wood supply is purchased locally from HVP, one of Australia's largest private timber plantation companies. HVP is dual certifed to FSC® and PEFC™.

State wood

Opal Australian Paper purchases regrowth wood from VIcForests, a state-owned business responsible for the sustainable harvesting, regrowing, and commercial sale of timber from public forests. VicForests is PEFC™ certified through Responsible Wood.

Hardwood sawmill chips

Opal Australian Paper purchases hardwood chips from Victorian sawmills producing sawn timber for a wide range of end markets. These chips are produced as a by-product of the sawmilling process.

Opal Australian Paper is dual certifed to PEFC™ through Responsible Wood® and FSC®.