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Opal and John Dee’s recycled packaging solution


Opal has helped prominent Australian meat processor John Dee progress towards the 2025 National Packaging Targets by providing more than 60 per cent average recycled content across its chilled meat and frozen meat boxes. Opal’s new recycled packaging solution has exciting applications across the wider industry.


John Dee is one of Australia’s most experienced meat processors with a reputation for quality beef. In anticipation of the 2025 National Packaging Targets, John Dee sought a packaging solution provider capable of rising to the challenges of the protein industry.

Opal is a leader in fibre-based packaging solutions. With Opal’s solutions-oriented service offering, work began on identifying how to best meet John Dee’s needs.


Leveraging Opal’s Research and Development team, Opal produced a solution that increased recycled content without compromising strength. The recycled content increased from 48% to 73% in chilled meat boxes, 35% to 66% for bases and 37% to 69% for lids of the frozen meat boxes.

Opal’s Dura–Flute Mediums (DFM) are a result of extensive research and development and are superior in strength to standard recycled fluting mediums in both ambient and high humidity conditions. DFM is designed to be used as an alternative to non-recycled fibre mediums and is suitable for supply chain and long life-cycle applications.

This DFM fluting medium was combined with Opal’s newly developed Premium Recycled Liner (PRL) and High Performance Kraft Liner, to deliver a fit-for-purpose solution.


Increasing recycled content packaging utilisation enabled John Dee to achieve its recycled content goals ahead of schedule for chilled meat and frozen meat boxes. Opal’s DFM and PRL solutions have proven viable alternatives to traditional solutions in meat boxes, providing the industry with an innovative alternative. John Dee’s meat products are now being safely transported across the country in Opal’s new packaging solution.