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Research and Development

Opal’s Fibre Research and Development (R&D) division in Scoresby, Victoria, is a well resourced facility with international recognition to meet your paper and packaging needs.

With over 50 years of expertise, Opal R&D assists customers through testing, research and optimisation across all fibre, pulp, paper and packaging areas. Being the only 1ST A accredited lab in Australia, Opal R&D has the unique ability to provide transport simulation solutions, and ensure optimum performance is achieved throughout your supply chain.

Opal R&D features and advantages

Recognising that the performance of your fibre packaging products can impact all parts of the supply chain, Opal R&D works tirelessly to ensure your packaging performs seamlessly at every step. Focusing on the manufacturing, transport, storage, branding and visual appearance of your product, Opal R&D works to perfect each of these important steps. Opal R&D offers both standardised and customised testing and analysis services to ensure that optimum packaging performance is achieved throughout the supply chain and into the market. With a wide service offering, Opal R&D offers the following services to assist with maximising packaging performance and risk minimisation associated with inefficient or poor performing packaging: • Product performance evaluations • Product and manufacturing development/ improvement support • Product complaint investigation • Product benchmarking • Process analysis/trouble shooting • Audit testing ensuring compliance with specifications.

Strategic Business Development

Opal’s Strategic Business Development team’s key focus is to seamlessly deliver new business initiatives to our customers, and to Opal’s manufacturing divisions. Equipped with key project management skills, extensive practical experience, and a close working relationship with the market, this team works closely with Opal I&D and R&D to maximise commercial success for our innovative product and process developments. Utilising their global links and relationships, the Strategic Business Development team provides practical market insights that add mutual benefit to Opal and our valued customers.

Case Study

Driving state-of-the-art digital print solutions

Opal is one of Australia’s largest corrugated packaging suppliers with an extensive customer portfolio, including large retailers, small and medium-sized enterprises, growers, fresh produce, protein and beverage industries. Opal has state-of-the-art digital print technology to help our customers respond in a market where speed, customised packaging and high quality print is critical.