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Energy from Waste

While our Maryvale Mill in the Latrobe Valley is Victoria’s largest generator of baseload renewable energy, we are also the state’s largest industrial user of natural gas and a significant electricity consumer, facing increasing energy prices and supply uncertainty.

Energy from Waste facility

We are currently partnering with Veolia to develop a $500 million Energy from Waste facility for our Maryvale site. Stage One of the facility's construction would reduce Victoria’s net CO2 emissions by an estimated 270,000 tonnes annually. This project would support Maryvale’s 850 jobs, create a further 500 Victorian jobs each year for the three years of Stage One construction and 455 jobs ongoing. Visit the Creating Energy from Waste Information Centre to learn more about the Maryvale Energy from Waste project. Open every Tuesday, 10am to 3pm, first floor of the Morwell Innovation Centre, 1 Monash Way, Morwell.

Key information

Feasibility Study Report 2019

To help manage our energy costs, Australian Paper is proposing to construct a thermal Energy from Waste (EfW) plant adjacent to our Maryvale Paper Mill site in the Latrobe Valley, Victoria. This technology creates energy from the controlled combustion of non-hazardous waste materials that would otherwise go to landfill.

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Fact Sheets

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