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Driving state-of-the-art digital print solutions


Opal is one of Australia’s largest corrugated packaging suppliers with an extensive customer portfolio, including large retailers, small and medium-sized enterprises, growers, fresh produce, protein and beverage industries. Opal has state-of-the-art digital print technology to help our customers respond in a market where speed, customised packaging and high quality print is critical. Located at Opal Specialty Packaging in Melbourne, Australia, our digital print technology demonstrates our commitment to innovation and to bringing market leading technology that serves customer needs.  


Our digital printer is a game-changer for corrugated packaging customers. It delivers photographic quality imagery directly onto corrugated cardboard, allowing our customers’ brand and packaging to stand out in the market. Unlike more traditional printing, digital printing enables a superior print quality and is a desired solution for cost-effective short runs and on-demand jobs where customers can print only the quantities required.



The result of Opal’s commitment to innovation and investment in digital print technology is a printer that enables customisation, creative branding and colourful packaging to ensure our customers’ “first to market” brand leadership position. Our digital print technology is ideal for seasonal campaigns, time-sensitive promotions and new product launches. It also enables all sorts of branding and customisation, from logos and graphics to QR codes and high gloss colours.

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