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Works Approval green light for Opal Australian Paper

Opal Australian Paper is pleased to confirm that following a successful VCAT process, EPA Victoria has issued an amended Works Approval for its Energy from Waste (EfW) proposal. The Works Approval is a key component of the proposed $600 million plus EfW facility to be located at Maryvale Mill in the Latrobe Valley.

Feasibility Study Report: Appendices

The combined EfW plant operations and construction are estimated to make significant contributions to both the Victorian and Latrobe Valley economies and help Australian Paper improve its social and economic contribution to its employees and the communities in which it operates.

Energy from Waste Feasibility Study Summary

Opal Australian Paper Maryvale is one of the largest employers in the Latrobe Valley with approximately 850 full time employees. When flow on effects are taken into account, we support 2,387 jobs and contribute $451 million to the economy of the Latrobe Valley region.