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Campbell’s Real Stock Multi-Pack Solution


With the pandemic and related restrictions, we have seen a surge in consumer demand for multi-pack products. Buying in bulk has become popular, allowing consumers to avoid multiple trips to the supermarket.

Furthermore, Costco are driven by providing value to their customers through larger or multi-pack products.

Opal is also focused on delivering sustainable and innovative packaging solutions that meet the strategic needs of our customers.


To meet growing consumer demands for bulk buying, the Opal Innovation and Design (I&D) team worked with Campbell Arnott’s to create the perfect multi-pack design. The design would suit the warehouse-style value space that Costco creates, while complimenting the warm familiar feeling of the Campbell’s stock brand.

The main strategic objective was to show the value of purchasing a four-pack of one litre (1L) chicken stock and how the Arnott’s brand was meeting consumer desires for bulk buying.


I&D created the elements of the packaging design from the primary pack and altered it to compliment the high-quality print (HQP) process.

Strong branding presence such as the red banner, wooden background and chicken stock bowl image were retained. This made the box instantly recognisable as a Campbell’s stock product.

Four litre (4L) was placed on three sides of the package, as well as newly created symbols on the top flap showing four pack value.

The box is extremely striking and stands out in a Costco warehouse retail environment with the unmistakable Campbell’s red banner. This product is currently available in Costco stores and is selling very well.