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Packaging papers and boards

Opal Australian Paper manufactures a wide range of specialised packaging papers and kraft liner boards for conversion into high performance packaging.

Kraft Liner Board

Is a multi-ply liner, with enhanced ring crush and Short-Span Compression Test (SCT) for stacking performance. The inclusion of semi-chemical pulp leads to improved performance in humid environments while the base layer, with a proportion of recycled fibre, is designed with a higher absorption rate to improve corrugator conversion.

High-Performance Kraft Liner Board

Ideal for demanding conditions and especially suitable for frozen food, as well as fresh fruit and produce. High-Performance Kraft Liner Board is designed for maximum strength and delivers consistent results in humid conditions. As with our other Kraft papers and boards, there are lighter weight options for efficiency gains.

Sack Kraft

A high-performance, heavy weight paper providing protection in the toughest conditions. It allows for high speed filling of heavy products such as cement, minerals and building products and can also be used for some food packaging applications.

Bag Kraft

Designed for strength and durability and available in a wide range of natural, bleached and part recycled grades for every bag type. Our high wet strength papers are stronger than conventional papers in wet conditions and suit applications like sacks and bags for potatoes, bin-liners or bottles. Machine glazed finishes provide enhanced printability.