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In partnership with Mainstream Aquaculture and the Victorian Government, Opal Australian Paper is embarking on a feasibility study to farm Barramundi in the Latrobe Valley. The $1.24 million feasibility study, funded by the three parties, will investigate the technical, commercial, social and environmental aspects of a state-of-the-art Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) facility. The study is expected to be completed by mid-2020.

Feasibility study

The facility would be located close to the Maryvale Mill and utilise fresh water supplies and Maryvale’s complementary infrastructure to supply water-heating, oxygen generation and water treatment services. If the project goes ahead, it is expected to create up to 500 jobs during the construction phase and approximately 190 direct and indirect jobs ongoing.

Official launch

The Hon Tim Pallas MP, Treasurer of Victoria travelled to Mainstream Aquaculture on 27 June 2019 to announce a $1.24 million feasibility study into a world leading Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) facility in the Latrobe Valley. The study is being co-funded by Australian Paper with Mainstream Aquaculture and the Latrobe Valley Authority and is expected to be completed in mid-2020.