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Congratulations to Sahan Kumarasinghe

Congratulations to Sahan Kumarasinghe, Asset Management Engineer at Opal Australian Paper, who was awarded the prestigious Brice Charles Landman Young Professionals of the Year Award.

This award recognises individuals who are pursuing excellence in their careers and have made a valuable contribution to their organisation or the pulp and paper industry.

Sahan said it was an honour to receive the award, thanking Appita YPN President Deane Heier for the nomination.

“The first conference I went to (10 years ago) had no other young professionals,” Sahan said. “Through the tireless work of so many we now have our own conference. This is truly a testament to the industry adapting and changing. The young professionals’ group has gone from strength to strength and has become an integral part of my work and personal life.”

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