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EPA Maryvale Mill update

Process for planned changes to the Maryvale Mill’s operating licence

Opal made a submission to the EPA on 27 March 2023 providing an overview of proposed changes at the Maryvale Mill. The EPA advised the best pathway for permanent changes to Opal’s operating configuration and site processes was through a development licence.

A development licence (DL) is for the design, construction and modification stages of a project.

DL application

Opal submitted a DL application to the EPA on 22 June 2023, seeking approval for:

  • The permanent reconfiguration of the Maryvale site from three pulp plants to two pulp plants, and to transition to the preferred Continuous Kraft Mill and Neutral Sulphate Semi Chemical operating configuration.
  • The changes required to the operating licence and discharge limits associated with the above changes and closure of the white pulp and paper manufacturing facilities.

The DL application will be advertised publicly on the EPA website or Engage Victoria and through one other publication. The community will have at least 15 business days to give feedback on the application.

EPA Victoria is currently assessing the DL application.

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  • Read more about the operating licence changes and benefits here