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EPA Maryvale Mill update

Development Licence application for planned changes at the Maryvale Mill – open for public review

Opal’s application to EPA Victoria regarding a development licence (DL) is now being publicly advertised on the Engage Victoria website.

The application for the DL is seeking EPA approval for:

  • The permanent reconfiguration of the Maryvale site from three pulp plants to two pulp plants, and to transition to the preferred Continuous Kraft Mill and Neutral Sulphate Semi Chemical operating configuration.
  • The changes required to operating licence and discharge limits, associated with the above changes and closure of the white pulp and paper manufacturing facilities.

The DL application includes extensive scientific modelling and risk assessments to demonstrate to the EPA that the impacts of changes to the Mill’s operations do not pose a risk to the environment or community health beyond what would be regarded as acceptable. The changes will also provide a reduction in water and energy use, in odour and noise sources and reduced wastewater generated.

The DL is a critical element for the transition of the Mill to 100 per cent brown packaging grades.

EPA is advertising Opal’s DL application on the Engage Victoria website: https://engage.vic.gov.au/paper-australia-pty-ltd-app027019

Community members have the opportunity to provide feedback on the application and submit questions for at least 15 business days, through the Engage Victoria website.

The EPA will host a ‘drop in session’ at the Morwell Innovation Centre on Wednesday 4 October 2023 from 4-7pm. Opal representatives will be available to answer questions.