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EPA Maryvale Mill update

Development Licence application for planned changes at the Maryvale Mill – EPA Approval received

EPA Victoria approved Opal’s application for a development licence (DL) on 8 January 2024, this is now publicly available on the Engage Victoria website.

The DL allows for:

  • The permanent reconfiguration of the Maryvale site from three pulp plants to two pulp plants, and to transition to the preferred Continuous Kraft Mill and Neutral Sulphate Semi Chemical Mill operating configuration.
  • The changes required to operating licence and discharge limits, associated with the above changes.

Current Status:

  • Works coinciding with Maryvale’s major shut will commence in mid-February 2024 to complete the necessary modifications.
  • These changes to the plant will begin to be implemented from late February 2024, so that operational performance and efficiency can be progressively fine-tuned.
  • The successful implementation of these changes will underpin the future of the Maryvale site, which is a leading local employer.
  • Opal remains committed to achieving long-term, sustainable operations for the Maryvale site, in the interest of our team members, the environment and the community.

Opal’s DL is available via the Engage Victoria website: https://engage.vic.gov.au/paper-australia-pty-ltd-app027019