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Opal and Accu-Label announce exclusive agreement to distribute paper labels in Australia and New Zealand

Industry Announcement

Opal and Accu-Label are pleased to announce they have signed an agreement continuing Opal’s exclusive distribution rights for Accu-Label’s internationally patented automatic high-speed labelling system, across Australia and New Zealand.

Accu-Label, headquartered in Canada, specialises in state-of-the-art, post-harvest fruit and produce labelling technology. The agreement means Opal can provide a key point of differentiation through paper-based labelling technology, which is the first of its kind in the fresh produce industry and an alternative solution to plastic labels.

A key feature of the labelling system is that it provides high label adhesion rates at high-speed, even on wet and fuzzy fresh produce.

Strategic investment is a focus for Opal’s operations in order to deliver solutions that customers need into the future. From mid-2021, Opal will commence manufacturing the paper labels locally.

The Accu-Label range provided by Opal is available in a variety of customisable shapes, colours, artwork and printed barcodes to support market distinction and traceability.

“Opal continues to look for new opportunities to support our customers’ demand for innovative solutions, and Accu–Label’s high-speed labelling system is another example of how we are providing proven technology, with immediate market benefit.” says Andrew Russo, Opal Group General Manager, Specialty Packaging.

“We are thrilled to continue our ongoing relationship with Opal, a key packaging supplier in the Australian and New Zealand market with the right innovative credentials that perfectly complement our paper-based label and machine application technology.” says Accu-Label President Joe Sleiman.

Key Product Features

  • Patented bellow design achieving high label application rates on wet and fuzzy produce
  • High quality paper-based labels for all fresh produce segments
  • Aluminium CNC machined labelling applicators including new variety quick change capability
  • Patented label waste liner rewind system that eliminates complex vacuum systems, replacing noisy dust collectors and reducing downtime.

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Contact: Kel Treseder E: kel.treseder@opalanz.com

New Zealand

Contact: Lewis Worthing E: lewis.worthing@opalanz.com