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Get to know our Opal People: Muzaffar Goolam

Muzaffar Goolam is part of the team from Opal Paper & Recycling Botany Mill where he is the Process Expert for the Winder and Finishing section of the B9 paper machine.

The Winder is a sub-process area within B9. Each area has its own Process Expert looking after safety, procedures, plant optimisation, maintenance priorities and troubleshooting. “My job involves continually improving and optimising the plant to run more efficiently, standardising processes with operators and conducting ongoing audits to improve the safety and cleanliness of the area,” Muzaffar says.

Opal’s Value of collaborative resonates with Muzaffar due to his work at B9 with the maintenance team and operator groups. “Working with team members of different backgrounds and perspectives provides a wide source of ideas and ways of doing things that make my work interesting. It is very fulfilling when these ideas come together to improve the plant performance,” he says.

From a young age, Muzaffar’s parents have inspired him to work hard and do the best job possible. “They instilled in me that you need to take pride in the work that you do and take a task to completion. If you are undertaking a task, do it to the best of your ability, so things are always in a better state than when you started,” he says.

Muzaffar’s most-used productivity hack is prioritisation and he uses to-do lists to keep track and mark off completed tasks. “I prioritise tasks by urgency and time frame. Once I work through my tasks, it gives me great satisfaction to cross items off once they are complete!” Muzaffar says.

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