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Opal Fibre Packaging Wodonga on track for 2023 opening

Opal’s $140 million high tech corrugated cardboard packaging facility is on track to be completed and operational by October 2023.

The site will receive more than 260 containers of state-of-the-art equipment with the installation phase commencing from April.

Sustainability is a core component of the site’s design, which when completed, will feature water harvesting capability and solar power to leverage the facility’s 41,000m2 of roof area.

The total footprint of the facility will be approximately 55,000m2.

Media release

March 15, 2023

Starward Whisky bespoke packaging solution

Starward Whisky partnered with Opal for a bespoke packaging solution to fit their new direct-to-the-public online storefront. New to the e-commerce market, Starward needed a fitting shipper to represent its brand and ensure the safe delivery of each bottle from distillery to door-step.

Sapporo “Refined by Rebellion” campaign

Understanding the importance Sapporo placed on brand and identity, Opal’s print capabilities aligned to support Sapporo’s rich history. The design incorporated culturally significant and eye-catching Japanese iconography in the form of Manga artwork on the carton itself—the first time Manga has been used on a beer carton.