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Innovation that tackles food waste in real time


With an estimated one third of the food produced in the world each year going to waste, technologies that support food loss prevention can make a significant difference. Opal offers Xsense® to help tackle this significant issue through sophisticated cold chain technology – saving food and reducing costs. Using the Xsense® system, cold chain producers can monitor and manage the conditions perishable foods are exposed to on their journey from farm to retail outlet.


Xsense® system analytics and reporting provides the tools needed to identify problems as they occur and take advance corrective action to maintain the quality of fresh foods throughout the cold chain, maximising product lifespan. By placing the Xsense® sensor into a pallet at the start of a shipment, precise, automatic data monitoring occurs continuously across all segments of the supply chain until it reaches its final destination. Once the shipment is complete, Xsense® assesses its data profile and provides a score to indicate whether optimal conditions were maintained throughout its transition. If any pallets receive a low score, they can easily be identified, allowing inventory to be planned and managed so that food freshness is optimised.


Xsense® is at the cutting edge of cold chain management, ensuring proactive and transparent Quality Assurance practices that boost supply chain and product performance. It has the potential to reduce waste and offer consumers access to fresher, longer-lasting produce. Taking a holistic, end-to-end approach to cold chain management limits the risks of product damage and reduces the significant costs that can be incurred when an aspect of supply is unknowingly compromised. Through Xsense® and Opal’s strategic partnership with AHG Refrigerated Logistics, we can provide a complete packaging supply solution.

Opal Xsense® system

Through packing, storage and transportation, Xsense® monitors, analyses and disseminates real-time data and recommendations, at all stages of the cold chain. This means our customers can make informed decisions to adjust product conditions such as temperature or relative humidity based on real insights. Opal is proud to be the exclusive distributor of this world-leading technology in Australia.