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Opal Australian Paper Maryvale Mill supply update

Secure, long term, certified fibre supply is key to Opal Australian Paper’s Maryvale Mill operations.

As a supplier to the Maryvale Mill, VicForests has confirmed it has ceased timber harvesting operations in East Gippsland and the Central Highlands while it reviews recent orders from the Supreme Court of Victoria in greater detail.

This is a challenging situation with the potential to create financial and production difficulties for Opal as we continue to explore supply alternatives.

Unfortunately, limited stand downs or a reduction in working arrangements may become necessary and we have been consulting on this issue with our team members. No decisions will be made until all team member feedback has been fully considered.

These are measures that Opal may need to put into place while we work as quickly as we can through the potential implications of court orders delivered less than two weeks ago.

Opal will continue to focus on keeping our team members and key stakeholders informed as further developments occur as a result of this evolving situation.

Starward Whisky bespoke packaging solution

Starward Whisky partnered with Opal for a bespoke packaging solution to fit their new direct-to-the-public online storefront. New to the e-commerce market, Starward needed a fitting shipper to represent its brand and ensure the safe delivery of each bottle from distillery to door-step.

Sapporo “Refined by Rebellion” campaign

Understanding the importance Sapporo placed on brand and identity, Opal’s print capabilities aligned to support Sapporo’s rich history. The design incorporated culturally significant and eye-catching Japanese iconography in the form of Manga artwork on the carton itself—the first time Manga has been used on a beer carton.